Living A Good Life According To Natural Justice!

The image of Mahatma Gandhi comes to mind when we think of
A personification for truth and non-violence in one sure;
If you get bow on one cheek show another one says Christianity;
He followed it in practice that brought independence to India!

Mahatma is respected for his victorious experiment with truth
And is why his statues are installed and opened for all to
See such a wonderful human being to pay homage not only in
The East but also in the West and all over the world now sure!

Even Justice in the Court stood up in respect for this humble man
Before hearing the case to give punishment according to law then;
When we enquire about justice in world religious books, Hinduism
Gives a wonderful answer as Dharma or natural justice for life!

Natural justice has two parts for all to follow in world life;
Individual justice and social justice for everyone according to
One's nature are clearly expressed according to Bhagavat Gita
To live life in the best way as culture in the world to the last!

That system of life was turned into caste system in monarchical
Time only to be discarded, when democracy has come into vogue...;
The four systems of life are Philosopher or Teacher, Soldier or Leader or Minister, Trader and Worker doing service under them!

According to one's nature, one has to choose the System as one's
Mode of life to learn knowledge, do work accordingly, enjoy life
And attain Absolute state finally as the way to follow individual
Justice and do one's share of service as social justice to society!

Instead of living so, all think about earning big money by studying
The educational course accordingly and live unjustified life in the
Modern world only to face problems unsolvable and in hatred with all;
If clear natural justice system is followed, all can live good life!