Living A Lie Poem by Jennifer Sol

Living A Lie

Rating: 5.0

Hold it all in she tells herself
As she walks by holding her breath
Just to keep from crying out to him
She quickens her pace to keep from
Running into his unopened arms
She’s ignoring what her heart
Is telling her
She’s pushing it aside
Thinking that the pain will subside
When she’s out of his sight
Her tears fall freely
She sinks to the ground
Her head in her hands
She’s angry at herself
She must pretend everything is fine
She has to convince everyone of this fact
Even if she is dying inside
So she chokes back the tears
And ignores the desire to turn and run
To where she saw him last
A plastic smile displayed across her face
She walks on fighting her feelings
Trying to change what she desires
Going against her true nature
Attempting to erase her ability to love
Without the ability she cannot be hurt
That is her reasoning
But love comes freely and will do as it will
Never bending to her will, it has it’s own rules
Of which she can never comprehend

Ruby Root 19 July 2006

Hi Jennifer, Great poem, but I will be honest. People can shut down. If they are fed enough they shut down to the situation. I am great at it. If your in a situation and you don't want to feel it is easy to do it. Excellent poem, Take care.

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