Before Time Goes Still Poem by Jennifer Sol

Before Time Goes Still

Rating: 4.9

And I’m climbing a mountain
I think I’ve reached the peak
Just as I’m there
A rock comes loose
And I’m falling
Dreams and all
I thought I had you
You slipped from my grasp
Running far away
Do I even know you anymore
A soft sprinkling of cocoa
Across my cheeks
Smearing with tears
Where did your smile go
Down the drain
With everything else
Spinning wildly away
That sparkle in your eye
Am I mistaken
Or is it faded to nothing
But a dull glaze
Has taken the crown
Ruling with a firm hand
Relentlessly cruel
Where are you now
I need the man I used to know
The one I fell in love with
The one I love still
But you’re lost to me
Slipping ever farther
Turning your back
Chasing something
Just to fill that
Lusting for that light
That will shine bright
And true
Guiding you
Back home
Where you belong
With me
I can only hope
And wish
Upon every star
That comes my way
To hold you again
Before time
Goes still

Mpho Petrus Manwedi 25 July 2006

You know, I read this poem a few days agoand I just could not get it out of my mind.It touched something in me and I found myself writing this poem 'The Reassurance' Check it out when you have time and thanks again for the inspiration.

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Mpho Petrus Manwedi 25 July 2006

This is beautiful. oh! I really love it. I do hope that time wil never go still untill the wish is fulfilled. Thank you for the poem.

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Jennifer Sol

Jennifer Sol

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