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Longing For Home

My Lord I am longing to go home, away from this earth that I roam,
For Lord I long to be at that place, where I can look upon your face.
High above earth’s lowly sod, in the Glory of Heaven with my God,
From a world where wrong is right, into that Glorious Eternal Light.

I know not when the time will be, when I’m brought up into Eternity.
That time is not for me to know, I am simply told by The Lord to go,
To go and preach to every nation, the Good News of His Salvation,
Until that time, I just need to be, a light for Christ for all men to see.

At times I long to be by the side, of Him, who on a cross had died,
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Poetry Hound 28 March 2006

Hey Bob, do you think Jesus has ever sat around with guys like Superman and Spiderman and compared super powers? Boy, I would love to listen in on that. Spiderman would probably talk about being able to climb buildings and ride long swinging web-ropes around the city. Superman would talk about flying into outer space and having x-ray vision. Then they’d turn to Jesus, and he would say something like, “I turned some water into wine.” There would be a silence as the other two stared blankly at him, unimpressed. Then Jesus might add, hopefully, “I also rose from the dead.” Superman would probably roll his eyes and then look over at Spiderman and say, “Yeah, I’ve done that in so many episodes I can’t even count ‘em.” As Jesus looked down at his shoes, Superman would exhale slowly and say, “Hey Spidey, let’s go get a beer.” The two of them would stand up and start to go. Then Superman would turn and look back. “Oh, wanna come with us, Jesus? ”

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