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Looking Glass - Poem by Julie Park

I live inside of your looking glass
I come from inside of you
I am your silent voice of reason
I am your reflection, reflecting me, too

When you happen to gaze upon me
I too, gaze upon you
As I live inside of your looking glass
While I also live inside of you

When you have your night terrors - take note
Unlike you - I never need to be sleeping
Sure the mystical dream catcher works great
But I wake you up in a cold sweat - screaming

When you leave this room, each time
You still can’t escape from who I am
Before your feelings perform a thoughtful action
I’ll come up with a better plan

When looking in a storefront window
You’re also looking at me
I am the shadow that goes wherever you go
I see everything that you see

I am your thought that precedes a thought
I am your feelings – in a way
I am before your cognitive reason
Both in the night and in the day

Who am I, you ask of me
You won’t get a vocal reply
You could never – ever hear my voice
But you can look at me in your eyes

Mirror, mirror on the vanity
Are you getting scared to be you, just yet
I'll have to think that over in our mind
I feel nothing but see that you're scared - Yes

Chills run down your cheeks from me
Hairs raise up on your face, legs and arms
I am the cause of your nightmares in the day
Don't be simple – there's just cause to be alarmed

Have you seen your shadow look at you
Then you caught a glimpse of me
I see to everything that you do
But you don’t see all that I see

Mirror - I am the fairest of them all
More fair, even, than you
We’re not equal because I decide
Your thoughts and actions; all that you do

I can’t say that I am better than me
I will never say that you are better than I
It depends on what I fabricate of your truth
And what you believe of your make believe life

I make it and you believe it
Less than a fairy tale-
This life with yours I play make you believe
Fairy tales never do have a happy ending
Believe this- I make and break you- you'll see

I am the guilt that is your blanket
I cast upon you the feeling called doubt
I am the smirk when you just want to cry
Quick, look in the mirror, that’s what I'm all about

Did you see your reflection just now
That was me - telling you what to do
I didn't have to say a word out loud
Though you must feel that I love you

Do you know why - because I said - So
Is it you who lives in the mirror or - is it me
You know what they say – the body is your temple
It is I who reigns from inside. As you worship me

Wait a minute
You almost had - without me
A personal thought
I could never – ever, ever allow it
Thinking without me
You just will not

What if I just pulled an Elvis and left the building
What if I – as your feelings - suddenly went away
Just who do you think I leave behind in the mirror
I become you – I’m me - in a different way

When you stare into your eyes
I so lovingly refer to as ours
Just remember that it is me that I love
It is you that I literally abhor

As in I won’t let the door hit me – oh no
If your memory suits you correct
It has hit you one – two- four or more times
I felt as I watched- pure joy and just laughed

Remember the first time I caused you to fall
I am the shadow that fills you with doubt
Remember your face – so ashen and pale
You - then and still - can't figure me out

That is because I won’t let you fail
Not if you work for me- and you do
It's I who does everything right
For all the wrong reasons
I am the truth of your short life – poor you

Short life it has been for the You of Us
Short for you but not for me - so what
I am so thoughtless-I take your glee and your love
I take the crown and the first-place cup

There is not a mountain high enough
That I have not made you climb - yet
It is not within reason that I convey to you
Would you care to wager a bet

As in – I got one better than you
I got you coming and going
You are stuck - in the middle - of where
I live both inside and out of you
- No ING

Knowing that I chuckle as you do all the work
And I take all of everything from you
I even steal your wishes from wishing wells
What are you going to do about it - boo hoo hoo

Do not try wishing upon a falling star
I will truthfully look as if I am happy
Quick, run and get you a bottle of Jack
Hurry - it is for me - make it snappy

Ha ha You can't and you won't leave the mirror
This - I just will not let you do
I cover your face with your hands as I laugh
Tears of joy as I look at a stupid - thoughtless you.
Boo Hoo Hoo!

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