Lord Shiva Is The Ancient Hindu God...

Lord Shiva is the most ancient and potent divinity in the universe
Although mystery surrounds him but our love and faith for him is great
Lord Shiva is the most powerful God in Hinduism and he is the root of
Saiva Samayam that delve deep into our ancient civilization.
He also known as Maheswara who representing the Trinity by himself
He is a creator, preserver and destroyer of the worlds that he creates.
He is the father of all and the source of all knowledge and mightier still
In the Mahabharata he was worshipped by Krishna and Arjuna for victory
In the Ramayana he was worshipped by demon king Ravenna for power
Lord Shiva's destruction is not negative but positive that ends always with bless
Lord Shiva is a great dancer too and he known as 'Nataraja' that is a
symbolic combination of the most important aspects of Hinduism.
He embrace his devotees who ever pray him and give them protections
He destroys the ill nature in man and he grows heavenly light in their heart
to the emergence of divine nature in man
Not only Lord Shiva, gives immense freedom to his devotees to choose
whatever path they want to follow but also shows the way to live happily
'Om Namasivaya' is the great spell to get bless from him.

(2004/Sri Lanka)