My Love, I Am Crying For Your Love...... Poem by Ravi Sathasivam

My Love, I Am Crying For Your Love......

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You said to me that you will be there on that day
but when that day came then you were not there for me
So much love showered and so many promises were made
but nothing worked on my way because you had gone
My love, I am crying for you because my love turned blue

The heaven stolen you from me and left the memories only
Though your soul vanished in the sky but my love never dies for you
I tell those angels how much I love you and care for you
and ask them to make your soul always happy till I come to you
My love, I am crying for you because my love turned blue

Looking at your photos and wish you were here with me
Crying for your endless love which become the end of story
I will not see you again but your memories will stay for ever
Now my heart fighting against a raw pain for the lost of my love
My love, I am crying for you because my love turned blue

Naila Rais 20 March 2018

Sad to hear.... Really heart touching poem❤️❤️.... I love your last line... Keep courage... Rate my poem too Let me rise.. Naila

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Sorrowful poem, indeed. But the truth.

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Sylvaonyema Uba 17 April 2018

Set in a stanza of three Good use of the quintet device. Sylva Onyema Uba

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ihsan Aziz 06 May 2018

Lovely poetry and meaningful is my soul

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Dave De Haas 21 February 2005

I have never seen such sadness in a poem. It give me a image of a man who had gone to war and never cam back. thought a respected addition from soe one who know what it is like to lose some one said to me. 'do not be sad that i am gone, be happy that there is no more pain for me and i will see you again.'

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tariq 16 August 2020

this is a good poem i try to sing it

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Abdulrahman 16 June 2020

Add a comment.I like it

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susheela Shiju 07 December 2018

loved this piece of workKeep writing

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Hira Akhtar 10 July 2018

Beautiful! I remembered my mamma while reading this.Her soul has been taken away in heavens but my love will never die for her! Everyone understands the meanings of thinga from their experiences, I took it as this.😊

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melissa 13 June 2018

Add a comment. i really ,really love your poems

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