Loser Poem by Jay Press


Rating: 5.0

My hair is greasy
My room's a mess
If life was a test
I'd receive an F

Cause' I'm a loser
Nothing but a loser

Talent can appear very promising
But not when you've achieved nothing
At some point you have to take responsibiliy
Failure is not a inability

Father I have failed you
For I am just a loser

Puke stains on my shorts, mud on my shoes
Blew a whole paycheck and drank to much booze
Now with what's left i've nothing to lose
Only thing to do is sing the blues

Granmother forgive me
Because i cannot forgive myself
For being just a loser

When life has me down I let my head hang
And i listen to what my brother sang
He's the broken man who sings
While my life rests in a sling

These aren't the dreams i dreamt of as a child
No, this wasn't suppost to be it
I wasn't suppost to be this
Not a loser
Anything but a loser

Failure after failure after failure
Then i'm gonna fail more
A hard life keeps me steady sore
I'd like to know 'What am I living for? '

All of my dreams and desires
Are stuck on a double edge razor wire
In my heart of hearts i know
None of them will ever be acquired

Teanisha Love 21 May 2008

i love this poem it relates to who i use to be before i put all my anger into my poems.

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