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The waking bird's chipping of first morning
The eastern sky is painted the sun is rising
The soft fresh beauty is laid on flower
Light of the Sun dancing on the shower

I'm losing everything in love
Crying silently, to touch the heavenly feeling of true love.

Now my situation is,

In my World, Everyone will eat
Everyone will get clothes
Everyone will have a house to stay
In my world, Everyone will have equal rights


I will die
you will die
We will die
We will stay alone


We are running entire life is the game
For specific time with individual name
Are circling from one in equal chain
Day and night come again and again..

We are alone in our own selves
We are all alone with each other,
Like an isolated island in the sea of ​​life.

My mind is restless, moving and flying...

My mind goes from the present age to the dark age, from the prehistoric age to the ancient age, from the middle age to the modern age and also to the next future age...

The yellow flowers hold their necks
and smile in the mustard field
The swarming bees swarmed and singing
The rays of sunlight touch the sweetness

I don't see anything
Again I can see everything
but have to see something

Wake up sun
Wake up sky
Wake up all the birds
Wake up all the flowers on the green leaves

If possible just once more
You may open your mind's door.

I'm waiting beside the door

I will never come to this world again

I came once
I will leave once

Without the practice of human religion, there is no peace in human life. This peace is personal, this peace is family, this peace is social, this peace is state, this peace is global. This peace is all the time.

If you consider yourself as belonging to a community, if your community is large then there is no limit to your ego, your arrogance, you desperately despise other peoples. Again if your community is minor then you have shame and weak, you walk in kindness, you offten accept triviality, you keep your head down.... In this way all other minority communities are being overlooked in various ways. But these acts are the stupidity, gross consciousness or narrow mindedness. It's time to change these.

One flower many scents
One flower three colours
Three days three drops.

I wanted to simple but fastest way.
Only you know that it's received or not
I can't match with others
about thinking, movement, speech and acts.


Divine touch
feeling expressive-less
just feel

My willingly surrender in my own self
Trees are silent so hear Birds harsh calling
Trees are still so see mundane caper
Silent hill so wild pigs racing on her body


The Creator or Allah or God is only one and amorphous.

Of course the He has a shape
We all creations are one of the individual shapes of Him

Today humanity is paralyzed
Normal people are afraid
Where they will go
Who will save them

Mashiur Rahman Biography

Mashiur Rahman from Noagaon, Bangladesh. He was born in an aristocratic Muslim family of the village. He spent his childhood days in the light and air of the village, running, playing in the fields, jumping in the water of the ponds and also jumping on the trees. Poetry fascinated him from childhood and he wanted to write poetry. After finishing primary school and high school in his village, while studying HSC in Azizul Haq College, Bogra, the seeds of poetry started sprouting inside him and he got Baul's mind. He stopped studying for a few years and spent time in different places of Bangladesh with the company of Baul saints. After a few years, graduate from Bogra Azizul Haq College and pass MBA from a private university and get involved in journalism shortly afterwards, he took a bachelor's degree in law and is currently engaged in the legal profession. At the same time he glorifies humanity in poetry. Mashiur Rahman says, ''My love, My Dream and My hobby is poetry. I read poetry, I write poetry, I believe in heart a crucial world can be changed and established a peaceful world by poetry. I can leave off all without poetry. Most of the time I think, think and think to do something for humanity by my writing. also I love politics and I also hold a dream to be a World leader but not leave off poetry.'' Mashiur Rahman's Works: ''Shotorupa-2011'', ''Noimotthik-2012'' poems book in Bangla from SRIZONY publisher.)

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By Your Touched

The waking bird's chipping of first morning
The eastern sky is painted the sun is rising
The soft fresh beauty is laid on flower
Light of the Sun dancing on the shower
Sweet smiles on the newly sprouted Plant
At that time my heart continues to be brunt
By your touched desert laughing of the rain
All beauty is captured in one canvas again..

Mashiur Rahman

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'The highest deviator creates new path'

'He gets what he wants two days before or two days later but he gets what he wants.'

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Mashiur Rahman Popularity

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