Lost Poem by Fred Babbin


Rating: 4.6

The Women I have known
Are not the women I know now.
The places I have been
Are not the places where I go.
The life that I have led
is not the life
That I am leading now-

How is this so? How?

All things change,
And as things change,
The changes change me
And I change changes.
So I am lost in time and space
Because the past and long-gone place
Are there no more, no longer there.
And only memory remains.

Bob Blackwell 03 May 2009

Fred, you are so right, each moment of our lives differs from the last, if we realise this, we must surely know that life is now. And then if we live each moment where it fell, we have the means to lead a happy life. I believe your thoughts are my thoughts in your poem Lost.

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Shannon Wright 17 December 2007

This reminds us that everything changes doesn't it? What is today, might not be tomorrow so we should appreciate what we have if it's good AND appreciate the fact that things will probably change soon if its not. -S

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Tom J. Mariani 17 November 2007

Great lines - -'The lfe that I have led/is not the life/That I am leading now' In a more nostalgic sense I tried to deal with this in my recent post 'Spent My Youth In An Alley.' You have to have 60 years under your belt, or in your case 80+ to write poems like these. I also like your word play with 'changes.' The past in here because you are here to tell us about it. Tom

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