Lost Heaven Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Lost Heaven

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I lost heaven
By my own folly and creation
The problem was brewing
It was totally shut for viewing

We both struck to ego
No one was prepared to forgo
We cared for no one
Not even children

I will come fully drunk
She too may be totally sunk
Both were addicted to drugs
Our own grave was well dug

She was nice lady
Devoted to her work and ever ready
Took to hard work and enjoyed
Only my excessive drink annoyed her

I was loosing grip
I waned to keep my head down and whip
She tried several time to keep me cool
But each time she was turned as fool

We were unable to meet ends
Children were unable to make us mend
Now it was totally out of hand
I cried for help but it was nearly an end

She was under utter shock
Her ambition was turning into smoke
She had built her nest with so much care
I was ruining it with sad affair

Let no one blame the situation
We are responsible for sour or good relation
We are master of our own destiny
At the most only blessings needed from almighty

It is always said but not followed
Certain bad habits should not be allowed
Everything in limit is good and welcome
Else there may remain only ashes for home

Gajanan Mishra 19 May 2013

everything should be in limit, good one. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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I lost heaven By my own folly and creation

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