Lost In The Rime Farm Poem by Parwin Jadan

Lost In The Rime Farm

Lost in the Rime Farm

An abandon dirty shepherd singing in the dead bear cave
What should I say
Or what should I do
If silver heart stopped
Mind drown and lost in desert
Yes I am thrown
On the stairs shouting no one hear no voice
Want to cry tears dried off
One smile mouth locked
Want to walk legs frozen
Want to look saw only white
Want to eat stomach squeeze as snake
Oh, now I have to say what I am
Poor listener if you can hear me
Hear me as rock or iron
Uha, abandon
Abandon as rusty train
Abandon as old games in the loft
Abandon as old tree
Abandon as castle
Abandon as cemetery
Abandon as petrol factory
Its oil vanished
Abandon as old lion
Can no more hunt
Waiting for his end
Dead sea I am no fisher
Even come close to me
No fishes only drown corpse
Only drown ships
I have become as plague
Oh, I am well that one day
All want to drink my water
When water runs off
they throw dead cats and dead rats inside
No more triumph alas, how I am glad
That I know the full bowl is always
Preferable more than broken bowl
As hen that can't bring eggs anymore
Slaughter is her destiny
Who become like tail of cigars
Stepped on it after they put inside her misery and pain
Once a great mansion lighted with lanterns and candles
Now he is shady scary no one enter or look
Outcast cause only black cats sleep in it
Once I was a library
Now turned to a mad house

As old woman with long white her no one want to look at her
As mouth teeth dropped
Pen out of ink
Well, I am lucky and blessed a lot
To know that to know all this anguish
Every second teaches more about the others
Fogs and rainbows no one can catch
But they are real an exist
They show me the way
To the mountain and glory
To ditch every moment with welfare
Never look around only a head
To never stop whatever on the ground
As much as the heaven is open
And smiling at me
And air running in my veins
Hazy the shepherd going to fly and jump
Never stop never sleep
One day I am going to sleep forever
I see what no one can see
I know they call me mad
Yes I am mad
Mad to love and walk on the mist
To be slayer of sorrows
Laugh as tiger see his pray
I don't have treasures
I don't have loots
But I have heart stiffed with love
I have outrageous mind planted basil inside
Oh I turn dead people alive with my smiles with my dance
On the valley on the hill swinging with trees
Heart moving as seesaw
Winds push me forward to love to catch the stars
Why fruits comes even they were hidden
Seeds comes out if they watered by heaven
Some needs care and little move they grow
Even without care
I have pit of love
Never ends up
At this time I heard
Hey, my chums calling me
Fetch for pleasure in wounds
That new blood generates
My friend Miguel calling me
And says 'fool Hazy the old bear is awake and will wait in one shoot'
Come out'
Time to watch the beautiful girls'
Party is over! '
Before they go home, put your hat
Drink some tea and becomes fire and let us runs as lion
Let's work and pull out some mint and chew
And our breaths dizzy the world
Cross the deep rivers
Then dance and whirl
Until our cloth dried off
As volcano shake our shoulders
Birds clapped
Hazy sings the clowns songs
Silent all
All shake they head as goat
Jumps as monkey
Drums of steel knocking
Wait as camel for my soul song
Oh alone yes alone I was alone
But by the way, I forget all
Loud music
Resurrection day
Now I am bleeding with pleasure and happiness
my beloved dancing in my eyes
As lemon let's laugh
Ho ho I am true
True I am true as sky
True as water
Cold as snow
Aha but change the whole world by my deeds
Even corpse changes to useful dust
Whatever, Miguel
Grey lights or blue light or emerald
At the end they lights up the universe

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