Lost Within Myself Ii Poem by Maia Padua

Lost Within Myself Ii

Rating: 4.6

If not in a monastery,
Where should I be?
Aside from poetry,
What else would make happy?

Still my dream were not fulfilled
Something in this world i want to yield
To be with myself, the real me
To do what I want, to be where i should be..

Pulled out from the convent like a weed
Following their desire like an obedient kid
Failed with my dreams, make me lame
With other things, i have to aim.

But life doesn't end, I must go on
Dream another dream, I must move on
There are angels on land sent by God
To help me fulfill my dreams with a nod.

Perhaps God has another plan for me
Not my own dreams, but what it should be
With open heart I'm willing to embrace
Whatever may happen, where i can find solace.

I know with God, everything is laid out
So, be carried with His wind i may go
In this very challenging world we live
We shouldn't ask for what we will receive
But with what we can give....


(This is dedicated to children who have not been given the chance to choose on what they want in life esp. to...the Only Child of their Parents (like me) and instead follow what they wanted for their children..but i guess everything that is happening to us is according to God's Divine plan)

Maia Padua

Maia Padua

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