Maia Padua Poems

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Until Now (I Love You)

You came into my life
When I was so young
You witnessed my growing up
Shared my innocence

Do Stay With Me

While mirthful breeze travels
To the unknown
Heavenly rays slowly glow
Soothing a soul, a soulful bliss

Back Again

Sitting silently beside the sleepy shore
Eyes staring blankly, thoughts drifted away
Pondering on the sweet and warm kisses we've shared
and all those words of love that brightens my day...

Love Had Gone Away

I saw you walking towards me
Grinning, smiling as if you knew me
With confidence you lend your hand
Asking me if you could be my man.

I'M Your Sunshine, You'Re My Rainbow

You are
My rainbow skillfully painted above the sky,
Making me glance and leave a sweetest smile,
Making me walk with hope even a hundred miles,

You Are That Someone

Heart waited, time framed
For a wonderful, strange feelings
To see the flashing bulbs, the flickering lights
The twinkling stars, the dazzling moonlight

We Cry For Peace(The World Cries For Love) ♥

The world is torn apart
Peace is so evasive
Lost is hope; love is
Astray in this maddened world

A Sinner (A Dream)

Heart Sobs,
Tears dripping
On her lovely rosy cheeks;
Down to the blank pages of her diary

Because He Loves You

For my friends, all my beloved readers
For Ate Meggs....especially for Naidz

God leads us to you,

Music Box In My Heart

A music box;
Softly wrapped,
Skillfully crafted,
Fashioned with care,

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