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Maia Padua Poems

1. Angel On Land (Meggie) 12/21/2008
2. Who Is He? -The Hermit(From The Pages Of My Yesterday's Dream 1/22/2009
3. She Is Free 3/13/2009
4. An Abstract Masterpiece 3/19/2009
5. In You 3/25/2009
6. Is It Over? 7/8/2009
7. My Pen, My Thoughts, My Love(Inspirational) 8/14/2009
8. The Face (I Seek) 8/16/2009
9. You Are My Reason 9/20/2009
10. In My Dreamland (With You) 2/12/2010
11. His Wings Of Love 2/24/2010
12. Dust Of Memories 1/13/2011
13. Voices Of Love (Vocation Month) 9/29/2011
14. God ' Within ' 10/3/2011
15. I Love You, I Hate You 10/4/2011
16. The End Of Dreams 7/6/2009
17. This Is Love 1/31/2010
18. His Love For Me (My Love For Him) 10/15/2009
19. My Fading Moonlight 2/13/2010
20. Raindrops Of My Love 3/12/2010
21. Silhouette Love 7/1/2010
22. Whispers In The Wind 2/5/2010
23. A Challenge 1/27/2010
24. A Poem, A Painting; A Dream 11/29/2009
25. Written Voice Of Love (For Ph Family) 1/7/2009
26. All My Feelings 1/3/2009
27. Cherishing Moments 3/13/2009
28. May's Dream_Flowers 1/21/2009
29. A Glimpse Of Nature...Nature's Speak Iii 7/12/2009
30. The Path Of Love 2/4/2010
31. Closed Pages 9/18/2009
32. A Year; A Gift, A Treasure; You 10/9/2011
33. Snow's Sonnet # 1 10/14/2011
34. From This Day On (Killer Of Fr. Pops..From This Day On, Change!) 10/24/2011
35. In My Thoughts (All Soul's Day Tribute) 10/31/2011
36. *breeze Of Time (For Sr. Vangie Capilitan, Ond) 6/4/2012
37. Song In The Meadow 6/27/2012
38. My Heart Speaks 6/27/2012
39. The Promise (His Love) 10/18/2009
40. Truth And Lies 6/26/2012
Best Poem of Maia Padua

Until Now (I Love You)

You came into my life
When I was so young
You witnessed my growing up
Shared my innocence
I love you without pretense.

You occupied my mind
You conquered my heart
Every second, every minute
Every hour, everyday of my life
I am with you, you are with me
Together we spend night and day.

I can not leave you, I know
You color my world, you completed my life.
They may call me a fool,
But you are a part of me,
Together we will always be.

We cried together when I felt so lonely
You smile with me when I am happy
You bear with ...

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Love Had Gone Away

I saw you walking towards me
Grinning, smiling as if you knew me
With confidence you lend your hand
Asking me if you could be my man.

Making me laughed and left without a word
Leaving you behind tongue-tied, like cut by a sword
I never know I will still meet you
Following me, like my shadow, wherever I go.

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