Mary Jesusa Villegas

Lou - Poem by Mary Jesusa Villegas

On a Monday afternoon
I was with my study buddy
The study session will be held in a
cerulean room And his name is Lou

It was Monday morning
When I have understood that
everyone is struggling, constantly
because They want to find
their truths in their own way
very different from my truths
his truths are her, truths

How hard could it be
my study buddy?
How hard could it be Lou?
to prove yourself to everybody
because you prefer
silence from rock music
history books from girls or maybe
dolls from guns and a curtain to hide the sunlight
that will defeat your strong, brown complexion and
your newly birth truth?
very different from my truths
His truths are
Her truths truth is truth hurts

You are always holding
the tape measure of
the standards of society.
measuring yourself with
the tape measure of a
wasted and disgusting lifeline
The outskirts of town is our
confession room
On a Monday evening and
His name is Lou

How hard could it be to live
and never really see
the truth in the mirror
while others see theirs constantly
And all you see are terros springing
from your fountain of doubt

And your sunny smile
would only be sunny if it reflects
your strong, brown complexion the
shining glow springing from the inside if
everyone will acknowledege and regard
then and now your only truth.

And this is your only truth
His truths are her
There's nothing left much to it.
And you're always empty.

They won't see it.
Your sunny smile
And as far as I'm concerned
I was the only one.

And the radiance will
flow like a free fountain
of assurance floating clouds of free water
everything is alright. and one day
Lou, You don't have to prove
yourself anymore to
everybody like dying constantly
When finally the rays of your truths
are reflected in the mirror already.
So display a happy curve in front.

Go on and see your sunny smile
In the mirror that holds your truth
my favorite study buddy.

On a Monday of September fifth
Zero regrets for diamonds and any jewels
I have gained a fragile yet precious friend.
Not just a study buddy.
A fresh sunrise and a sunny smile
very sooner the glow from the inside
a sea of sunny smiles a phenomenon
that will be held on a humble cerulean room
Her name is Lou.

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