Dan Lundahl

Love And Quarrels - Poem by Dan Lundahl

The feeling it gives me,
that you're so far apart,
It ruins my emotions,
it stirs and breaks my heart.

If only I hadn't gone there,
if only I didn't say that word,
Then we would not be here,
We'd avoid feeling so absurd.

All I can think of now,
is really only us, me, you,
But if I look at the whole picture,
I come to think of the cards we drew.

Old feelings broke lose,
and I felt them in me,
That you felt hurt too,
was what I failed to see.

Now you're out walking,
and you left me here alone,
My thoughts are killing me,
as I wander around our home.

I'll turn my back on tomorrow,
and I'll turn my back on the rest,
If there is a course for love,
then this is the final test.

I hear the door open,
I walk in a rush,
What I come to face,
are your cheeks in a blush.

I greet you with a hug,
and I hold the back of your head,
I feel your arms around my neck,
the sky outside is now a burning red.

As we walk through the house,
I am holding your hand,
And as we arrive to our bed,
what I'm trying to say, comes out bland.

'I'm sorry, darling.'
'What I said wasn't right.'
You hold my cheek and you say to me,
'I'm sorry too, just turn off the light.'

I reach for the switch,
and I switch it down,
If one could swim in love and tears,
I'm sure that I would drown.

Walking back to you,
our gazes connect and stay,
I slowly climb upon you,
you hold around me in a special way.

I lean down to kiss you,
the wind is raging outside,
I wipe away the tears,
that came when you had cried.

Our lips touch each other,
and I feel you more than ever before,
Of all the girls in this world,
you're the only one, that I adore.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 18, 2013

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