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Love And Servitude - Poem by Keenan Harris

KEENAN D. HARRIS: Thanks be to you O, my beloved sanctuary. Within the bountiful love of your mind doth I find peace like no other...alas I've been wandering an aimless sky searching for the solitude that you have enchanted me with upon our first meeting. You, my dearest companion, are the only place in which I can return and truly rest in peace.

RIN GLOAM: Most assuredly, my beau, eternally shalt thou find refuge within the arms of the one who loves thy peerless soul. I cradle thee within my frailty gaining strength by thy very presence. Where wast I without thee? A vagabond, most assuredly lost, and now I am found within the subtle reflection in thy beauteous optics. Forever, and a day, without is simply not enough. Thy aura could never slake my desires, and certainly, I am left wanton for more.

KEENAN D. HARRIS: In thy eyes have I found all the bounty of heaven, beauty beyond measure and peace that would make the dead green with envy. I know not the fortitude of our bonds, yet I am willing to bet that they are enough to bind one to the other for an eternity despite what may come to sever that tightly strung red string of fate. I am your vassal, make me and use me as you see fit m'lady of darkness.

RIN GLOAM: Hark O' sacred anadem, I wear thee as a crown unmistaken by it's coruscation of endless jewels. Without end, our heart strings reach across this divide toiling and spinning as they please. Ne'er a wayward spirit in utter despondency, freed by thine effulgent gaze. Bequeath unto my thy sanity, and I shall be restored. I shall fill thy vessel with all manner of holiness dipped in darkness an amalgamation of tincturesque pulchritude.

KEENAN D. HARRIS: I have made a solemn, malicious choice as I lend you my being. Turn my heart to the black hole of oblivion that it is supposed to be so that I may know no other's love but your own my dearest master. If I may be the rosary upon thy throat I will not choke thee let alone harm thee, I shall be used to protect thee from all outside influence; if that is thy desire M'lady.

RIN GLOAM: My desires are all at one initial and finite apogee; to be held within the gaze of the eyes of tomorrow. Thine eyes. I shall turn thy heart as thou hast turned mine. My protector, my bulwark, my resolve. I shall be thy reason and hope of a day better spent in the arms of thy dark fallen angel.

KEENAN D. HARRIS: My dark, fallen angel you are more than my reason; you are my rhythm, my rhyme, and all that must be poured out of my soul when I sing or play. You are my inspiration and without you I may not ever know my finest Angel's Waltz

RIN GLOAM: I may be but a spare note on your symphony, but it's the only one my heart doth sing. Each palpitation reverberates thy name. Be my muse, be my life. Heartless was I, until I found the heart of the one I yearned to know deeper than an ocean.

KEENAN D. HARRIS: I long to know you as well. For you are my saving grace who delivered me from my pit of despair and allowed me to soar within the infinite domain of heaven. Alone, was I, before you came into my life; desperate, was I, who could never open my heart to another for fear of having it shattered again. You have made me defy myself and trust again, and I am elated by the aurora of your intoxicating presence.

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