Love Changes Poem by Katherine Perry

Love Changes

Rating: 4.0

It is good to have an end to journey towards
But it is the journey that matters in the end to the Lord

Our lives seem to become so complicated at times
That it will start to change our opinions and confuse our minds

And what you deny to others will be denied to you
For the plain reason that you try to live a life without sin
It's your words and actions that will define the world you want to
live in

But you still try to receive everything that you can as you live
And sometimes forget the most important thing
Which is to open one's hand and give

Especially in a relationship with someone that you love and adore
You will find that love alone is not enough
And you will find yourself wanting more

More of what you fell in-love with in the first place
When you brought this person into your much guarded space

Soon your own needs will become the most important to you
That eventually you start to lose grip of this person's real self
you were once drawn to

Love has power and an amazing strength all of it's own
That sometimes it takes over and does things you condone

And also love does not realize or recognize the uniqueness of both
So we hold on to the likenesses of ourselves the most

And when the differences become so obviously apparent
That is when the ultimatums will start, eventually tearing both

And this is when we now start to try and change each others character
Pretending as time goes on to be something that we are not
Eventually becoming selfish, selfish in our hearts

'Sad but true'
It will effect everything that we say and everything we do

Shutting down the connectedness is what we both now seem to share
So we start to build a wall of bricks, trying to hide what's really

Pretending will then turn into resentment
Making it hard to get along
Now realizing what we have become to each other is wrong

But the distance between us now is so far away
That it will be very unlikely that the love we once had
Would ever again come our way!

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