Love Enhanced Poem by Bhanu Padmo

Love Enhanced

To me was the world silvery and dull,
All against my golden hope;
And in love there was a stench of silver;
Disappointed thus I sought the index of love.

There stood the canine flock mutually engaged,
As contenders over a silvery bone;
Unaware why and how was the flock there,
Though still social,
But cursed with silvery love.

Then, as a dreamer member I knew
Imminent could be the great precipitation;
My golden dream looked promising and pregnant.
Optimistic and eager, I sought the index of love.

And as air stirred and the tempest rose,
I came to my senses to see the unforeseen;
Behind me stood the scorched hell abandoned;
And the emerald heaven ahead yonder as the goal.

A precious clue was to be the enlightenment however,
That the silver lay collinear between heaven and hell;
And it lay proportionate along the line,
The infallible line of crescendo worth.

Refilled abundantly with an intuitive urge,
And venturing the flock eyes,
fierce and unforgiving,
I kicked the bone of contention,
inert and heavy;
Shifting it an inch along the crescendo line,
Away from hell and closer to heaven.

The magic was done and was never to reverse;
In their midst the flock found the new bone bewildering,
That had turned yellow and into gold.

Bewitched awhile as they resumed sundry rivalry,
No more was I to suffer despair and doom;
For I had noted upon their reified countenance
The oozing golden love so earnestly sought,
Triggered by the gold of the new contention.

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