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Upon the solitary valley as I walked,
Dimmed by distance,
Damned by wind;
A song adrift intercepted my heart;


Dark rainy day had hid summer sun,
And storm rose ere dusk, the greyest;

I asked the moon,
pale and dreary,
Where in your honey-dripping shine they sprout;
These blood-sniffing beasts,

Mourning own ashes,
Sorrowing over freedom,
Long-awaited and wholly missed,
The shooting star did seek

Trembling lips,
Worthy of words exuberant,
Words precise,
Drawn from the theme eternal;

Frail and fragile,
Powers I did seek;
Denial came then as heavenly lore.

Time ticks and sings my soul-bird
A song intriguing and recurring,
Tingling in heart*s abyss,
Igniting the darkness,

Drooping eyes were to drip;
I never knew, aha! silly me;
In fervor that I had mistaken for love.

Only the neuronal ocean may cradle this fateful magic,
Supermoon, the king-size divinity.

Even genetics succumbs under its sway,

Standardized to the mutable penultimate,
The step just below the heaven unknown hitherto,
And unshackled from all steps trodden ere,
The ultimate I can now behold;

(“What a Miracle, You and I” – another perspective)

What a miracle, You and I
One the worldly beauty

To me was the world silvery and dull,
All against my golden hope;
And in love there was a stench of silver;
Disappointed thus I sought the index of love.

Like darkness creeps up the death-angel
From center of the flame that shone bright;
To shelter life and its glory.
Like darkness it creeps up.


Like tendrils of sky-goddess, cirrus shone;
Like omen of good fortune imminent;
Yet upon long swell did the trawler stagger;
Overwhelming was yet the sprouting dawn.

The big blind snail crept on;
About me, the seedling of truth,
Soft and small, timid and frail.

Like coagulant poetry,
This congealed core of universe,
Became the spider,
Multi-dimensional as it grew;

Be it pity-filled lesser light,
Yet it is the lighthouse;
Unlucky ever to be among erring ships;
Glides away its glory, alas,

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Redemtive Love

Upon the solitary valley as I walked,
Dimmed by distance,
Damned by wind;
A song adrift intercepted my heart;
With lurking words of redemptive love.

Like a heavenly arrow it struck me;
And left me dwindling,
Soul sedated;
With lurking words of redemptive love.

Upon the solitary valley as I walked,
Silently passed by a pagan girl;
Lonely and forlorn,
Carnal and crisp;
A silent language she spoke;
Of unproven promiscuity,
Of promising reason.

Meandered and ended high lane yonder,
Across an ascent,
Upon the summit;
The summit of Erato the Muse, I thought;
The summit of redemptive love;
That was not to be.

Sedated still, I followed the pagan girl;
To the summit of redemptive love, I thought;
And then came a doubt,
Out of ruffled reason:
Redeemed if she was,
why lonely and forlorn?

Confused I inquired, if Erato she was;
Shook her head the goddess,
of unproven promiscuity;
Erato not me, she said,
I am the Aphrodite.

Lonely and forlorn,
Like a pagan girl she was;
She was the Aphrodite,
Goddess of carnal love,
Exuding promiscuity;
Yet at cross with the Muse she was,
With the goddess of poetry,
Of redemptive love.

Upon that valley, solitary no more,
Dimmed by distance,
Damned by wind;
Song adrift, but momentum it gained;
To throw up a poser,
A heavenly arrow:
When does it cease to be redemptive,
Love human and carnal?

Looking askance at the pagan girl I stood;
Still listening to the song adrift,
Of redemptive love;
And she was to be the Aphrodite,
with words commensurable.

Thus spoke the pagan girl,
Lonely and forlorn:
Torn between my spouse and lover,
Hephaestus and Ares,
Unaware, I bathed in river of sorrow;
The river of love of lost priority;
Asserting all the while redemptive love.

And further spoke the pagan girl,
lonely and forlorn:
With splits in my body,
And in my blood ensuing,
Into lineages, more than one,
discrete and at par,
I blew apart;
Perpetrating the saga of love of lost priority;
Perpetrating the saga of implicit carnality;
Marring, beyond redemption, love the divine.

And further spoke the pagan girl,
lonely and forlorn:
Of love and love alone, songs she sang;
Songs of implicit love sang on the Muse;
Oblivious of equity, corporal and carnal,
Oblivious of contrary polity,
And unblessed laws;
Prompting society to celebrate and implement in vain,
Retrospective heaven of redemptive love.

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