Love Is.... Poem by Mariposa Mariposa

Love Is....

Love is....
Love is when u try to be productive in your work and u are distracted.
Love is when u feel like u can only feel safe and loved by her touch.
Love is that nothing else matters but the look of her eyes and the taste of her lips.
Love is when knowing that she cares beats all other wants and desires.
Love is when u sacrifice all you know to express truth.
Love is when u risk your being for a glimpse of her face.
Love is when every person u meet and see you refer to the one that lifts you.
Love is when no matTer the time the weather you just want to hold her.
Love is when every moment with her you feel fulfilled and that being in that moment of the present nothing else around you is noticed.
Love is when u utilize your senses to enhance every moment your with her
Love is anger when u see risks are taken that could cause this time to end
Love is when the color of poui, the flower of an orchid, the taste of a culinary delight, the sound of oceans roll, and the smell of calm in a bottle can not be matched by no other than her.
Love is when beauty is only seen in her and everything  else looks mediocre.
Love is when u can go on in thought Nd lyrics because your heart and brain connected can   find words and emotions to something so extraordinary. 

LOVE is. M....o...a


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