Heart Stopped Poem by Mariposa Mariposa

Heart Stopped

You said you came and I shrugged it off
But I say to you, baby thats what you thought
Truth is, I felt your presence from afar off
And in that instant, my heart stopped
You weren't there yet to see my face
As the door closed behind you
My heart started back to race
I tried to keep calm, as the footsteps drew nearer
Then I heard your voice in the admin area
A beautiful sound that was abrupt
That beautiful sound made my heart stop
Wasn't too long before you came my way
And up I looked and back I laid
Had an ache of the head that day, which was you that gave
You had shades on, then off they came
Our eyes met and heart stopped A- GAIN
My face must have told a different story
But it was dark too have seen my eyes glory
Then when you sat down, I melted like butter
And in my stomach, a thousand butterflies flutter
We both said HI and that was that
You took out your phone and started to chat
I died a million times in that space of time
Didnt want you to notice, I pretended it was fine
Then on my couch, over you came
Silent faint, heart stopped again
Oh baby, now for the best part
It was as if the current of a defibrillator vibrated my heart
You came closer and leaned in
Our faces touched.... And alive I came
I felt this power transferred to me from you
This feeling, was so honest so true
This energy that came from you
Your sweet soul, I sank in
My love when we kissed, it was levitating
Frozen in that moment, my heart didnt stop
Frozen in that moment, it was time that stopped

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