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Innocent Love

Innocent love
I never knew
This feeling of attraction
This inexpicable emotion

Im Sorry

Im sorry for making you mad
Im sorry for everything I said
Im sorry for being so emotional
Im sorry if I hurt you, it wasnt intentional

Poui Tree

As far as I know a poui has no scent
As far as I know I have none either
The tree has no beauty besides its flower
I had no beauty beside the poui.

Pulse Is Weak

When I think of u my body get feelings the veins in my skin raise. They raise because the heart pumps the blood for my heart that at times of ur thoughts requires more blood to serve the organ that has hands for you
No surplus of blood, feeling, emotion it just floods when in ur periphery.

Came To Suprise The Heart

Came to surprise the heart
The heart beat never increased.
though my heart thumped.
I hid my heart in my chest so that it would not be felt and all the blood hid. I guess some think my blood is cold.

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