Love Is Stronger Than Death Poem by Dr. Antony Theodore

Love Is Stronger Than Death

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Every death is painful to accept.
Saying goodbye to a loved one
gives us intense pain in our hearts.

You cannot elude the pain of death.
You have to stand and face it.

But in the middle of death
hope fills your heart and soul.
‚I shall be able to see him again‘.

You can meet with the one who died.
The love you had for him
is not destroyed with death.

Love is stronger than death.
Love outlives the death.

You shall experience your love
in a different way when you meet
your loved one in the presence of God.

Then your love will be very pure
without any distortion of your heart
without the limitation ofnarrowness.

You can love him, as he is.
In this love you will become
one with him as never before.

Friday, February 8, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: death,god,love
Marie Shine 08 February 2019

There is no need for 'Goodbye', 'Au Revoir' (Goodbye until we meet again) is more appropriate. Death applies to the body only, not to the beautiful spirit within which eternal. Thank you for writing this beautiful, comforting, consoling poem dearest Tony. It will bring comfort to those who read it and who are grieving. Lovely work!

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Marie Shine 08 February 2019

When our loved one dies, memories are left behind. That is a very good reason to make good, beautiful, loving memories when we are alive because they become our loved one's treasures when we die. Memories are a gift from God which death cannot destroy and our loved one in Spirit has not died, just slipped through a door to return home to Spirit.

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Sharron Stephenson 08 February 2019

death is painful but with friends it can become easier to deal with nice work rate it 10

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