Love Me Again Poem by Bakare Oluwagbenga Michael

Love Me Again

Rating: 5.0

All I knew was being on my own;
All I did was pen down my groan;
All I asked was a room to be alone;
But all I got was the joy of a clone.

You came along in your mysterious tricks;
Molding my joy like a wall of bricks;
Setting my heart to pace at its peak;
And my smile sharper than a beak.

Then you did the seemingly unthinkable;
You turned out to be unpredictable;
Making my heart feel uncomfortable;
And my life starting to feel miserable.

You've placed me a click away from love mine;
For being foolish, loneliness seems to be my fine;
My ego seems to have gone undermine;
And my joy has undergone drastic decline.

Come back to me before my life falls off this cliff;
Rekindle our love to give my burning heart a relief;
Give me your heart to shorten my grief to brief;
And take back my heart to rebuild our love belief...

Edward Kofi Louis 25 April 2016

Love and pain! Come back to me before my life falls off this cliff. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Thank you sir...

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