Love Never Asks Why Poem by Tina Rizk

Love Never Asks Why

My love,

Love never asks why
Love just says how
How to be close
To the one I love
The one who dwells
Within my heart

Love never says « farewell»
It may know commas
But never full stops
Love never says "not'
It rather says "let's tie the knot"

Love is a little world of joy and peace
Where we walk in the morning breeze
Love is simplicity and ease
Between our hearts that share
Each other's missing piece

Love is tenderness and patience
Love is divine, two souls entwined
Love is compromise and sacrifice

Love is you and your tender eyes
Love is your heart, my only paradise
Now, forever, till the end of times

Copyright ©️ Tina Rizk

Love Never Asks Why
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