Love Relationships Poem by Tina Rizk

Love Relationships

Don't be impressed by beginnings
Even the devil was a believer

Don't be impressed by flowery words
They are good to make a love poem
But not a happy relationship

You can never know the heart of any person
But in times of disparity of interest
Between you and them

Be impressed when you see
Their hearts and faces stayed
As they were in the beginnings

Otherwise, be thankful for tough times
For allowing you to see their true colour
And filtering the circle of people around you

Besides, we don't need to live love stories
As in movies and novels to be happy

We just need a shoulder to rely upon
A hand that will never leave us come what may
And a tender heart as our only home

The core of any relation stands upon
Mutual affection, peace of mind and mercy

Copyright ©️ Tina Rizk

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