Love's Blindness Poem by Alfred Austin

Love's Blindness

Rating: 2.8

Now do I know that Love is blind, for I
Can see no beauty on this beauteous earth,
No life, no light, no hopefulness, no mirth,
Pleasure nor purpose, when thou art not nigh.
Thy absence exiles sunshine from the sky,
Seres Spring's maturity, checks Summer's birth,
Leaves linnet's pipe as sad as plover's cry,
And makes me in abundance find but dearth.
But when thy feet flutter the dark, and thou
With orient eyes dawnest on my distress,
Suddenly sings a bird on every bough,
The heavens expand, the earth grows less and less,
The ground is buoyant as the ether now,
And all looks lovely in thy loveliness.

Quinessa (single girl) 25 October 2021

yes the Earth is very pritty and some of the sunsets and sunrise are amazing to see

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Suresh Kumar Ek 20 August 2020

earth is you eyes

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John Mahon 08 July 2013

One of my favorite Austin poems. He seems to be saying that he knows love is blind, because when he is in love he can see nothing and is blind to all beauty on the Earth. However, when his lover is around, only then can he see; she is his eyesight, but love itself is blind.

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Quinessa (single girl) 25 October 2021

yes but how cane you tell that by just reding it?

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Rashmi Ranjan 04 November 2009

realy love is blind with a soft hert which have a cute eye....................

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