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It was a beautiful morning,
Rabiya the sacred was singing,
Inside her hut, she was chanting,
About the ways of God's making.

Listen to that roaring sound, Listen
The mighty ocean, my ultimate destiny.
I have been flowing all the way for this
The fathomless deeps, full of diamonds.

It slipped
The mirror
Through my hands
And shattered

On that blessed day in a cool spring,
Sitting under the Bodhi shade, at Gaya
Got that mindful divine experience,


You were a big lake
Filled in the middle of the blue mountains

You are one,
I am also one.

Moulding clay
Children play
Parents pay.


Forever I am
Vanished and gone.
Flew away with
Silent wings of love.

What a wonderful agreement! !
He loses his bachelors degree,
She gets her masters degree.

Like a traveller
Unable to cross the
Vast ocean beyond
I tend to be silent

I was clay,
Not kneaded.

You came as a sculptor,

Rise, my comrade, rise for us, to survive,
It is the time to act, rise up and move,
To fight against the brutal killing knees,
Squeezing our necks, everywhere it happens.

She was selling Kissmiss
Dry grapes in the trains
'Nasik ka kismiss', the famous
Collected, dried and neatly

Hold my hand firmly
For it never let you down
To pain and strain, alone.
Don't be in a panic my dear


A priest in his life has to face
Some crucial moments in his life
Need to be felt with numbness.

Turned into a lily bird
I love to run on your
Beautiful soft petals

Tribute to thee dear Diego,
Tribute to your Godly game.
You were the captain of all,
Forward, midfielder, coach,

When the lightning
Flashed, your face
Brightened in my eyes.
It was raining heavily

Love Untold becomes
Love retold here, as
I was a coward, ever
Didn't try to speak her

When you are in true love
Your eyes radiate the power of love
You will see all the world with love
You can feel the bliss of passionate love

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Rabiya The Saint

It was a beautiful morning,
Rabiya the sacred was singing,
Inside her hut, she was chanting,
About the ways of God's making.

Someone called her near,
what are you doing dear,
Come out and see the wonder,
Beauty of this morning splendour,
God has created for us, yonder.

Rabia the saint replied the neighbour,
Here I am meditating deeply, my dear,
I can see him, God the absolute creator,
Of that enchanting beautiful morning,
Should I struggle to come out for seeing?

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Prasana Mp 28 October 2020

Everything I had Is taken by her Away with her And I am lost Depicts the perfect surrender for love

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P A Noushad 14 September 2020

Suresh Kumar's poems touch my heart deeply with their literary beauty and philosophical insight about the reality of life on earth.

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Prasanna 31 August 2020

The me the river series is a lyrical novel

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