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Rabiya The Saint

It was a beautiful morning,
Rabiya the sacred was singing,
Inside her hut, she was chanting,
About the ways of God's making.


On that blessed day in a cool spring,
Sitting under the Bodhi shade, at Gaya
Got that mindful divine experience,

Me The River- - -My Destiny

Listen to that roaring sound, Listen
The mighty ocean, my ultimate destiny.
I have been flowing all the way for this
The fathomless deeps, full of diamonds.


You were a big lake
Filled in the middle of the blue mountains

Broken Mirror

It slipped
The mirror
Through my hands
And shattered

Suresh Kumar EK Comments

Prasana Mp 28 October 2020

Everything I had Is taken by her Away with her And I am lost Depicts the perfect surrender for love

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P A Noushad 14 September 2020

Suresh Kumar's poems touch my heart deeply with their literary beauty and philosophical insight about the reality of life on earth.

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Prasanna 31 August 2020

The me the river series is a lyrical novel

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