U Win Kyi

Love (Travelers Of The Same Journey) - Poem by U Win Kyi

Once there were 2 persons travelling the same journey,
which had moments of pleasure, life-threatening and risky.
First they passed across the vast and parched desert,
so hot, so thirsty but from each other they never desert.
They SHARED the water which was more precious than the gold,
as the heat of sun steadily grew like a reddish glow.
Then they together ENJOYED the cool of Oasis,
hugging and kissing in times of bliss.

Then they had to go through the dense forest,
from the predators to each other they did SHIELD and PROTECT.
The forest was roamed by tigers, lions and crocodiles...so dangerous,
The forest was teemed with bees, insects and snakes.....so venomous.
They HELPED each other plucking the fruits,
so tasty and full of sweet juice.

Then they crossed the wide ocean,
so wide and large, in the horizon, they couldn't see the land,
stalked by the sharks.....so great a danger,
Of course, it was not a trip of pleasure.
In rough sea, they SACRIFICED their lives to save each other.
In calm weather they RESTED on the palmy island,
sipping the coconut juice, sun-bathing on the beach of white sand.

Then they climbed the mountain.....so high,
almost reaching near the sky,
the cliff.....so steep,
the ravine....so deep,
the mountain path...so narrow and winding,
walking along was so tiring.
When one had injury in the leg,
the other CARRIED on the back.
Finally they were SITTING at the summit for a view,
breathing the fresh air, making their lives anew.

They were travelling together the journey of life,
because they were HUSBAND and WIFE..

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 27, 2008

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