Love Will Find A Way Poem by hema thasapalan

Love Will Find A Way

love will find a way
belief in love
and it will find you
a way to your heart
filling it full
like a brimming pot
as the boiling milk overflows
my love for you
runs over to embrace you
only in dreams i can hold you close
hold you to my heart
inhale you into me
and keep you safe forever
no more sadness
no more despair
no more depressing thoughts
only love, happiness and joy
will be in your mind
no more sad colours in your soul
the bright pink, blue hues
will be the code
i'll make everything right
for you my love,
you are my life,
my light,
my destiny,
my lost soul,
we need each other to make ourselves whole
just hold on sweet heart
i am coming
i'll be there soon
keep your heart beating
your hopes and dreams alive
i am on my way
please survive
don't let despair get you
don't let misery eat you
keep hope close to you
hold it tight in your fist
to your heart
and listen to the rhythmic beat
the strengthening of it
as the day comes closer
and we shall be together
bound as one, forever

Abhinav Baruah 03 March 2010

Honest and pure thoughts.... Nice

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