Loving Family Not Deserving Of Their Grief Poem by Sebastian Melmoth

Loving Family Not Deserving Of Their Grief

Loving family not deserving of their grieve
Pain apparent on teary faces the mourner's gallery weep

Standing room only each one of us connected by the touch of the love of the one that's passed

Church full the feet of people drawn inside to pay their respects in fitting tribute to the acts of kindness.

The children of the deceased speak so eloquent with stream of words from hearts depths for their dear mother

Tears flowing like a stream on a summer's day glistening reflecting multiple emotions of sadness, sorrow, joy and peace.

Light of the winter sun shines brightly through the stained-glass windows with the colours radiating on congregation faces a spectacle rainbow symbolic matching the vibrant colour of the life we now reminisce

Vicar gives blessings of gods eternal promise, for the coffin now lifted high for all to see the deceased as they make their final journey.

People paying condolences to the family and friends gathered on the steps outside on this surreal day for the husband and children left behind.

The circle of life complete, one chapter ends another one begins, the memories will keep living and passing through the generations of our hearts yearning in the hope we will all meet again in heavenly elysium.

Loving Family Not Deserving Of Their Grief
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