Sebastian Melmoth Poems

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I Have A Meeting

I have a meeting with a stranger to search how I'm feeling. Connecting, dissecting, searching my mind, it'll be quite revealing.

Surprised how easy to find speaking to a stranger.Feeling safe, a friendly face this professional exchanger.

The Train Of Life...

Like a new-born child we meet each other at life's station ready to board not knowing the destination.
Anticipation of the journey ahead will everything be on time, will there be delay, to disrupt the timetable hanging by a thread.
Our parents' guide us in our carriage sitting beside us like sturdy tracks on the line, following the safety signs so that we will be fine.
Middle aged now we're halfway through our journey, we start to appreciate the scenery more out the window, the memories as the train builds up speed.

The Beauty Of Youth

The beauty of youth with skin so fair and smooth like the calm waters on the calmest lake.

Hair so thick and perfect like a pretty forest so perfect waving freely In life's wind and through the seasons.

The Clippings Short

Read all about it they used to say,
get your news from a paper the old-fashioned way
A day without news would a be day the whole world stands still
Imagine the silence wouldn't that be brill

Friends To See You Through

Friends to see you through,
The ups and downs your friends are part of life's glue.
From silly Nelly, giggling Jill and mad hatter Ron
There always there when you need them, people you can rely on

Look Up What Do You See...

When you look up what do you see?
Beauty in the skylight
Head leaning back the universe above us
Eyes wide open the awesome spectacle

Over Thinking

Here comes a worrying session

Two Rivers

The story of two rivers woven in the hands of time
Referenced in epic tales
A powerful landmark to behold in awesome awe.

The Weed Of Negativity

Negative thought pops into my head like a weed growing in the soul.
Head starts swirling the thoughts of injustice caused.

The weed of negativity starts to grow bigger, anger, rage, upset are its poisonous petals.

Today I Caught The Train...

Waiting for doors to open, people standing sharing glances
Whose feet will be first on the train? who will get a seat? I don't fancy my chances

Hussle and bustle we pile in all squashed like sardines

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