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Tired, Exhausted And Drained...

Tired, Exhausted, and Drained
Low feelings, Tear ducts swelling
Over working, burning out, the starting point of the journey travelling the path with my soul on fire

My knowledge tree now cut down, feelings just out of control emotions all over the place, nothing makes sense anymore
Times clock the tick tocks of doom keeps beating loud and strong
Staring at a bowl of depressions, nervousness porridge
Each bite a struggle, each gulp giving substance and fuel so I can crawl along

Living nightmare trap sinking senses, tensions now grasping onto my guts
Punching down keeping my real personality hidden locked away
Shield me please from the daily crap, power to turn it off like a tap
Stop the flow of negativity, the trickles of despair.

Sensuality dampened, building acknowledgement of a weak body and mind
How my dark soul needs the torch of light shone inside breaking free through the mental blindness

Bloom the hearts flower showing me the kind being for all of you to see, the being that is very me
A display of love awaiting to burst awaiting to be free
Remember how it used to be remembering you remembering me

Dream world, blue sky's breaking through the grey sky's clouds
Making my way through the sludge making my way is just progress these days
For the dawn can't come though soon enough the sunshine days reserved deserved for us the tired, exhausted and drained.

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