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Tired, Exhausted And Drained...

Tired, Exhausted, and Drained
Low feelings, Tear ducts swelling
Over working, burning out, the starting point of the journey travelling the path with my soul on fire

I Have A Meeting

I have a meeting with a stranger to search how I'm feeling. Connecting, dissecting, searching my mind, it'll be quite revealing.

Surprised how easy to find speaking to a stranger.Feeling safe, a friendly face this professional exchanger.

Friends To See You Through

Friends to see you through,
The ups and downs your friends are part of life's glue.
From silly Nelly, giggling Jill and mad hatter Ron
There always there when you need them, people you can rely on

Look Up What Do You See...

When you look up what do you see?
Beauty in the skylight
Head leaning back the universe above us
Eyes wide open the awesome spectacle

Over Thinking

Here comes a worrying session

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