Raken Marimuthu

Low Caste - Poem by Raken Marimuthu

Devils in human form devoid of deserving decency
Made up of mental magnetism to mop muddy muck
Mean in mind, malevolent and maneuvering schemes
With a perverted mental phobia classified mental lunatic

His conscience is like a flickering dying dim hazy misty light
Long lost in the deep depth of deadly deeds and derisions
A prisoner, a slave, pawned and chained to the mighty mind
Guarded by voluptuous senseless senses dining in dirty dishes

A mighty mind to devour, demolish and destroy all for him
That he may live to take all for him his kiths and kin’s
Always wanting to win, beat them all, and be the king
A selfless subtle selfish animal garbed in human form

They eat like pigs, and throw the minute crumbs for fashion
Dressed like kings and be like a wolf in sheep’s clothing’s
Snobbish in style, talk in accent, but walk like a duck
Unnatural strange human species who do want to be seen

Like sluts they will sleep with any crude creatures for money
Make deals to sell anything in the world to appease the devil
In their deadly frame, oblivion and numb to all around them
For they are immune to anything, everything called civility

With vaulting ambitions they covet the possessions of others
Like leeches suck others blood forever are parasites of humanity
Sometimes call themselves saviors, masters, and opinion leaders
Blowing their melodious vain trumpets with a bitter breath

They are worse than the scavengers, peasants, and the poor
For these make our life nobler, worthier, and merrier
Unlike these outcasts, low caste miserable monsters
Who are the despicable, deterring curses to our humanity

21 April 2012. Khartoum.11am
Raken Marimuthu

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Its stupid to categorize men in different caste based on the work they do.

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