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I bought a young angel with all my gold
A Cleopatra of the bold brothels' fold
Priding in her royal flesh trade profession
Transparent as to who she is in confession

You made today a pleasant good day for me.
Thank you for the time you took to be with me
Your heart is seen in the form of colorful rainbows
They reflect good thoughts that you have sowed

For my husband my feelings were a riddle
Just a machine for his unpredictable sexual puzzle
Whenever he wanted sex I must on my switch
When not needed, I must learn to off the glitch

Listen to me! Hey some of you, the bloody hypocrites who betray
Burn your wisdom books, for you don’t deserve their possessions
Your desires, thoughts, words and actions are in freezing disarray
You’re awful animals disguised with no conscience for confessions

Its winter and the beards are grey
But my heart just bloomed to the morning rays
The springs of the youthful days in oblivion
A knave it parted like the dews with the sun

Man, the image of God is begging in the street
For a morsel of food to fill the flame of his hunger
And prolong the process of begging forever and ever
Taking begging a serious professional job like others

The chameleon is thousands times better than the men
For it shows its true color to the world as who it is
For it changes its color to camouflage itself from predators
But beware of the human pretenders who are like chameleon

Close your eyes
Just release your sighs
Take a deep breath
Breathe, one, two and three


You have the subtle silent power to break my mighty drive
Tumble tables, crumble dreams and dampen my spirit
And bring to nothing all that is in me that are rare merits
Who are you that have so much of power to destroy my strive

The Lord is just the state of 'BEING'
There is no second or third person
This 'Being' is nameless and formless
It is just pure absolute consciousness

I have seen yesterday
And I love today
I am not worried about tomorrow
For all the days are borrowed days

They may be the cleaners cleaning toilet bowls
The illiterate farmers tilling the land for vegetation
The priest attending to the duties of his prayer house
The soldiers defending the country at the border

President Obama has a little puppy
Breaking News from the White House
Leader of a Super Power has a puppy
A little black Puppy a new celebrity

If the soul or atman is just consciousness
And if this consciousness is merely 'Being'
'Being' does not have second or third person
It is action less and is purest Absolute state

This is a world of meaningless masses
Herds of asses running blind to ashes
They can think and they know it is wrong
They can’t break away for they are not strong

You could not decide on the choice of your parents
The present disposition of your face was not your choice
When is your final breathe of life is not your warrant
The rest of your life is the self-privilege of your Choice

Physical love has measurable perimeters
Mundane love has meaningless maximum
Worldly love has wealth of baseless borders
Puppy's love is a mere momentary infatuation

It is the Princes the angel of angels with her secret lover
I am sure, it is she, and definitely it is she in sickening adultery
With a foe of her Nation’s faith in an unbelievable treachery
The pinnacle and the pride and the fame of a Nation made lower

The sun did rise and I lisped the morning rays
My petals unfolded that I may enjoy the days
Pollens were ready the butterflies were missing
I wonder where they all went, keep me guessing

Stand naked in front of your Lord within
Open your heart and look at yourself
Are you an animal or a divine 'Being'

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Shame Of Impotency

I bought a young angel with all my gold
A Cleopatra of the bold brothels' fold
Priding in her royal flesh trade profession
Transparent as to who she is in confession
I took her to the best tallest hotel suite
Gave her best gifts to make her feel good
It was the best setting for a romantic day
To hold the gushing of the Amason lusty hay
Like the boiling steam she rose to the day
Took me to heavenly bliss that I can't say
Hours passed with her temperature high
My senses were warm and I was with a sigh
Player was not ready yet everything was in order
The game was cancelled for sexual disorder
Shame, my money's stimulants did not induce
All my filthy wealth had no power to produce
I sat back in disgust seeing her lisp the wine
Her steam still high needing a 'man' on time
I let her go, my head high, heart stooped down
Shame, impotency that made me a sexual clown
An inner shame that plucked my manliness
I am one in this shameful sexual show business
9pm Friday 30th August 2013, Puchong
Raken Marimuthu

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Ramalinggam KS 14 November 2018

A great humanitarian first and the best of everything else.

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