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Raken Marimuthu Poems

1. Bloomed Flower 8/9/2013
2. Beggars 8/11/2013
3. Chameleon Men 8/12/2013
4. Choice Privilege 8/13/2013
5. Love's Limit 8/14/2013
6. Become God 8/16/2013
7. Puppy At The White House 8/22/2013
8. 'Being' 8/24/2013
9. Love Appetite 8/9/2013
10. High Caste 8/28/2013
11. Low Caste 8/28/2013
12. Dear John 8/28/2013
13. Soul Transmigration 8/29/2013
14. Shame Of Impotency 8/30/2013
15. Be Different 9/8/2013
16. Fate 9/8/2013
17. What Is The Truth You Are Living With? 11/12/2013
18. A Romantic Old Man 8/9/2013
19. Angels Adultery 8/9/2013
20. Borrowed Time 8/8/2013
21. Asylum Seekers 8/9/2013

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Asylum Seekers

Listen to me! Hey some of you, the bloody hypocrites who betray
Burn your wisdom books, for you don’t deserve their possessions
Your desires, thoughts, words and actions are in freezing disarray
You’re awful animals disguised with no conscience for confessions

Your own blood beloved brothers you fight like cats and dogs
For the flesh you will sell your wisdom to bare beasts of your kind
For a penny, for the power, for your prosperity you will cruelly hog
Saying your boundary, your land, your territory and all that you find

In their own world my fellow ...

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Man, the image of God is begging in the street
For a morsel of food to fill the flame of his hunger
And prolong the process of begging forever and ever
Taking begging a serious professional job like others
For he has no boss, no pressure and works at his pace
Everywhere is his office and every donor his customer
His pleading for money has become a costly action
Its repetition has become an insensitive habit of his life
The cancerous virus of habit has stamped his character

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