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Greg Oosterhouse
Grand Rapids, MI


Love, so wondrous, so fine, as sweet as wine.
Fragrant as a rose, as sure as the wind blows.

Oh, the love I feel, it just seems to me so unreal.
My family and friends I hold dear, such a pleasure to be near.

Very much so, I have been blessed, to know the ones that I love best.
To be a part of this family, it means such a great big deal to me.

Every time I think of my loved ones, my heart warms up just like freshly baked buns.
My heart leaps for joy, like a child when receiving a brand new toy.

Truly, love is good, love is great, just like lasagna on my plate!
Nothing like it, nothing compares, surely it can get rid of all cares.

Refreshing as a walk in the park, it provides ample light in the blackest dark.
Guiding the way through tumultuous storms, it takes on all forms.

Under dire circumstances, love is ever strong, it comforts the soul like a favorite song.
It takes on all trouble, always there on the double.

Looking back on my life, I do not remember too much strife.
It has been love aplenty that has been with me eight years plus twenty.

Yes, love is mighty dandy, proving itself really handy.
Reliable as a loyal friend, it makes me want to give it to the very end.

There are times indeed, when love makes me nutty at the utmost speed.
That's love for you, it can make a person act like a clown, to.

Ready at a moment's notice, love is ready to pounce.
At any time it is needed, it will give every ounce.

Usually, love is ever-present, overwhelming a heart with its' special flood.
But sometimes, it empties a heart to fill someone else's, leaving their face red as blood.

Lucky I am to know such love, most of the time, I feel to soar as a dove.
Gliding through the air as a bird, love is the most beautiful word I have ever heard.

Yet at times, there is more hate than love in a heart,
so there are times when a person's heart needs a jumpstart.

Love has the power to transform, making giddy people to be the norm.
That's the way I am when surrounded by my loved ones. Giddy, happy, ecstatic, and undone.

Overwhelmingly warm, true love cannot possibly harm.
It refuses to wish ill will. It makes one content as a cat on a windowsill.

Vivacious in its own way, it can make anyone's day.
Beautiful as a sunset, and very hard to forget.

Everyone should know love, the greatest give from the Lord above.
'LTTL, what does it stand for? ' you ask? Love truly, truly love, my dearly beloved task.
Greg Oosterhouse
Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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