Luminary's Steps Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.

Luminary's Steps

Rating: 5.0

As an owl picked out the fixed Star
A break in the clouds, a ray of hope
Washing her hands of muddled,
Many-sided habit of mind
Not tasting earlier setting kind...

Discerner gifted supplied sustenance,
Caring for brethren
Though injured by a raging wolf
Esteemed as right the flood of trouble,
Sustained loss and harm...
Not dwelling in state warm.
Bearing dolor with patience of Job,
Having in sight Eden's riot of color with rapturous love
Not glancing on brethren with violent eyes
For all are possession of the Father of Lights
Made to evolve into siblings of the Innocent Son...

Fixated on patterns of perfection, reaching blue skies,
Absorbed by new highs; discarder of the thorniness
Of envious rivalry and leukemic greediness,
Infecting the length and breadth of the land.
Wary of deprivers of the world of good
Dumping ruthless foes,
In the ocean of HIS pity
Fishing out a thornless rose...

Antonio Liao 14 January 2009

so poetic that one should...see between lines the meaning of each ideas of every a light that glows only in the midst of the you see and could stop it until it ends....God bless

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Kaye Dudley 18 September 2008

Meolodic verse, talentedly expressed. Love the thought of being 'Siblings of the Innocent Son' and 'Being in the ocean of His Pity....Fishing out a thornless rose'... Breath-taking thoughts to mediate over. Truly a beautiful poem...(10+) Thank you, Kaye

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Albert Longsworth III 18 September 2008

Dear Dr. Dorothy, What a refreshing poetic style you have, but more importantly, one can feel the divine inspiration in one's soul as they read your messages of divine truths. EVERY ONE of your poems is of superior quality and of eternal value. The phrase here that stopped me in my tracks was..'Bearing dolor with the patience of Job'...I really need to start working on that one! (and I suppose do many others out there!) I also admire the way you really 'tell us as it is' but you always leave your readers with hope and the touching reality of God's unending Mercy, Love, and Truth. Wishing you the best. Albert & family

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Sophie Mae Mishkin 18 September 2008

Dear Dr. Kardas, I just love this poem! It reminds us all of patient suffering and never to lose HOPE. Yes, suffering does make us stronger not only spiritually but also physically. We can always turn to our Merciful God in any suffering or difficulty, He will never let us down if we only Trust in Him. Thank you for the reminder. There is a very good balance between meaningful imagery and power of divine truth in your work. God Bless...Sophie Mae

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