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on tangled hair
you lay there alone
you bite your nails
you laugh so hard

My being stands to judge my emptiness and
let me lead the radiant hope of your dream, to reach
the zooming aspiration of heart; a motionless of
desire in my soul

battered husbands too exist
a wife kicking his strong feet
slapping his rugged jaw
insulting him in front of his

leave me not my pen, go and stay with me
my immortal dream persuade you to looks
at me, dragging every inch of an ink fuse
in my nervously happy feeling, eludes the fear

our hearts always feel the presence of an angel
not an instinct to say, nor a wisdom to foretell, it
is the spirit that moves us of its greatness and the
power that illuminates from the one who sent them

at the night seems long, wondering
mind calls for a solitude, where the heart
felt the emptiness of the soul


nurture on the time of memories, ripe in the season
of harvest, and store for a days to wait, till it can be
used for a meal to nourish the flesh

lips that touch, the ground of a cup
that tastes that nods on
a wonder that was never
there before

in every games there
is always few winners than a looser, for
in every
episode there is always the


a poet knows nothing best than a seer, nay neither
touches like a magician nor prays like a monk, yet!
feel the tremendous heart that breathes and sees the
oozing shadow of the light, a poet lives

now the bedbug
finally finds
its place
in one of the lines

whose is my brother? many times in our lives ask,
the lucid meaning of brotherhood, though in our
hearts, the creator had already implanted us, the
truth of what it mean to be in one race

into the unending work line comes a new beginning
of tolerance of adverse attitude, surfing the taste of
temper and luring smile

I love to kiss the avenue of my youth, I
love to touch those beautiful flower that
floats in the pond, I do love to hug my
childhood memories, though I know

my darling ….. in the dream i saw you, in the clouds I waited
you to fly; for the sky is too high for me, to seat above your
knee of your love

even the star blinks to see the island with
a doming dust blew from the pacific
ocean, and the whiten cumulus clouds
showered the scatter archipelagoes

a foot that lift high can be the first step that reach the
highest pick of the sky, as the eyes move in every
distance that may cause envy the sweet tasteless
journey of the past, who have come into the most

there will be no other day but a memory of
today, just a dropp of rainbow of my life sharpen the
edge of the past and find the wounded last, out to rise;
and let me please return in the portray that makes

saved the mother earth, and witness the glooming
sky, as its dawning morn invites to come; calling the
humming birds laid the sweeten humid morning
midst of the trunk it’s lay

entangle by fire, sweeten by dirt and dust, the unwavering
force and stamina, come to forward the little angel of
democracy, the cry that cradle the past of bravery and
heroism of the fatherland

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A Flower For You

on tangled hair
you lay there alone
you bite your nails
you laugh so hard
on your hazy lines
you dance you sing
you cry you laugh
on moods that swing
like a crazy pendulum

you say my name
without remembering
what love was there
once, everlasting

you vomit
what we had and
then you swallow them
all again

i cry seeing you
like this
away from your senses

i hand this flower
for you
the smell may make
you return
from day one
when you were real
when you still feel

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GELO AQUINO 04 December 2018


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Claire R. Calderon 26 July 2018

To whom did antonio liao wrote this poem

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Ajaya Bohidar 17 December 2011

compositions lively and make feel

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