Lunar Kiss Poem by Spirit Music Hope

Lunar Kiss

Melancholic persuasions written on a glacial parchment,
Perpetually ignoring direful consuming propinquity.
Integrated consciousness relishing the felicitous enchantment,
Summoning Eratones in an episode forged by Melpomene.

Half Tragedy, Half bliss interlacing ineffable moment of beauty,
Earthly colored eyes awaiting a hexed reciprocity,
Wandering in a phantasmal reality of conjuring synchronicity.
As Orbicular orises juxtapose in an interlocking unity.

Shriveling in harmonious fiery enchanting unison,
Olfactory sensation from a chaotically stuctured hair of crimson,
Transcending neurotic synapses to an uncanny level of retention,
Alpha memories, digging deep, showcasing territorial dominion.

Beyond stupendous logical reasons, the October air got warmer,
Corporeal-animated beings confronting each other,
Clutching, Fondling and caressing a curvaceous waist,
Interchanging touches of force and gentle brace.

Magnetized by a beautiful hypnotic facial gesture,
Observing her lips twitch as it danced to an overture,
Shoulder movements followed with a heavy breathing,
Eyes closing, chin held high – ‘twas breathtakingly astonishing.

Longing amplified by patience and restraint,
Locking and letting go, as I tease her with constraint,
Innocence departed and conflagrating emotions resurrected,
Tongues intimately playing as libidinal thoughts run in my head.

Pulling away before I’m consummated by incinerating passion,
And before her scruples nag her of this ‘forbidden’ unison.
How can something divinely immaculate and beautiful be so malevolent?
How can soul kindred’s suffer such agonizing torment?

In this labyrinthine, tragic and unreasonably lunatic reality filled conundrum,
Sanity and madness exist together dialectically in a tormented battle for recognition.

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