Blade Poem by Spirit Music Hope


In the depths of despair, where hope seems lost
And the world is but a tempest, that we're tossed
We search for bliss, but find only pain
As the wounds of betrayal, leave their stain
Once faithful allies, now deceitful and feigned,
Their treachery pierces, a fresh wound unrestrained,
In sorrow's domain, where shadows bind,
We question life's purpose, lost and confined.
In the vast expanse of being, we question our worth,
Amidst the battle with loss, and resistance's girth,
Against life's relentless currents, menacing and deep,
We strive to endure, to rise from the shadows that creep.

In this barren realm of desolation's embrace,
A feeble flicker emerges, illuminating space,
A glimmer of hope, defiant against the bleak,
Guiding us through bitter cold, empowering the weak.

For life is a journey, with highs and lows
And we must learn to weather, the bitter blows
To find the beauty, in the smallest things
And to keep moving forward, with the hope it brings

So let us not succumb, to despair and grief
But instead, let us find, a sense of relief
In the knowledge that life, is a fleeting dance
And it is up to us, to seize our chance

To embrace the sorrow, and the pain
And to find solace, in the gentle rain
To see the world, with a new perspective
And to find joy, in the most unexpected

For life must go on, even in our darkest hour
And we must find the strength, to wield our power
To overcome the sadness, that weighs us down
And to embrace the beauty, that still abounds.

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