Madman Poem by Ricky Lewis


In this chamber, stuck forever
Cold and dreary, my eyesight bleary
What does it take to survive such gloom?
When the only thought, is the thought of doom
I’ll fated words, of massive murder
Is all I can remember
He’ll constantly murmur
A confession of the bloodshed
Leading to my solace
And them someone’s arrest
Bringing hearts, beating starts
Your chains are nothing to me
I’ll live forever and I’ll one day be free
I seem to never forget the sights I’ve seen
The death and flames and all in between
I hear it, calling, my name is…
Such an adversary to myself
Trapped here till death’s day of reckoning
Shackled and chained
Held back and restrained
They say I’m mad, but I’m just misunderstood
My ways are quick
Because there’s no justice like the end of the world.

It’s 3AM, I’m so alone, I’m thinking so complacent
I hear a man in the cell adjacent. He must be dreaming
He’s almost screaming as if he’s dying but unrevealing
He’s so evasive his thoughts pervasive, he wishes his
Mind no longer wound around his sins
Its 4AM, at it again, I can’t sleep
What could he possibly be thinking of
To make him so loudly weep?
He worries himself to a tearstained slumber
His soul, detached and dull, he’ll simply think and wonder
Extrusive thoughts, the dark ink blots
His mind warped and fused with the soul of a demon
He knows no bounds, he hears these sounds
And only prays for his suffering to be relinquished
He is the coming of a new age, past man’s faults by far
A pawn in a puzzle of a corporate scheme toppled his career and life
He worked for the dream, he pushed to be supreme
Instead he’d deduced to a form of madness
Twisted by the sight’s he’s summoned in his mind
Quintessential sights of the next dimension
Sure, he seems insane but to an observant eye
Maybe he’s just god?

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