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You have magic in your finger tips,
Magic in your eye.
Magic in the arms that hold
And tell me not to cry.
There is magic in your voice
When you talk to me each day.
There is magic in your smile
And in the things you say.
there is magic in the way
You let me be myself with you.

There is magic that you teach me
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Nia Riz 28 September 2008

beautiful....really....the rhyming words specially...

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M.A. C. 23 May 2008

Beautiful poem....10/10

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Eileen J. Hudson 15 February 2008

Wow. This is a very good poem. It made me get very teary eyed. -Thank you - ~Eileen

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Firehorse008 17 January 2018

I'm using it in my school poetry assembely tomorrow! great poem amazing!

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CtheTtheG 14 July 2020

Me to ?? (I haven’t memorised it yet it’s so late!)

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Dr John Cornwall (UK) 13 April 2020

Hi. I'm a singer/songwriter. Can I please make a song from your poem? It is so simple but beautiful and would make a great song. drjohn1712gmail

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Akruramajhi027 21 December 2019

Here rhyming word or poetic word is which

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dhanushantj 30 June 2019

creative poem can you email the writers bio-date

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Rituraj 19 July 2018

Such a great poem on MAGIC ..??

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Firehorse008 17 January 2018

thx grace v tidrow your a life saver

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