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Today my mother died
Silently without a sign
Never inkling about her sadness
Even though we filled her with madness

The moment of Obama’s inauguration
Was a fluke of fate written for the nation

It was a moment to be cherished

I think about you everyday
I plan out what to say
You have no idea, you have no clue
Just how much I think about you

The cherry wind stroke her face
Shuffling her locks aside
With a beaming smile she sat awake
To watch her daddy come

She sat near the white roses
Petals fallen on her hair
Tied in golden locks
Agitated by the air

A tear dropp fell today
From a childs innocent eyes
The reason, I know not
Might be of fear, terror and lies

For some, you may be the candle
But for me, you are the light
That showed me how to handle
Even the daunting without fright

You said you shall stay
The next moment you are gone
You tell me not to fray
And I wait till every dawn

Today, I visited a place
A place they called home
No spot of deface
It was perfect in this loam

Respected beloved teacher
I hear that you are close to god
If you shall not truly mind
Will you hand on this to him?

Today I was angry with my friend
And I decided everything came to an end
I was irate for no reason
I acted as if my choice was treason

As a cell, I float around
I am just another night’s pleasure
My goal is my mom’s womb
Am I a problem or a treasure?

The creak of his shoes can be heard in a mile
This sound, it fades all the smiles
Silence will sprout from the deep underground
Everyone will hide so as not to be found

She ran towards me
On her face was a huge glee
She looked at her mummy and plead
“I want him mummy” she said

I want to die another death
A death with water loping my throat
The moment the angels vanish my breath
In the drops of love I want to float

Today as I got out of my house
My phone rang inside
I decided not to pick it up
‘cos then I would be late for work

The clock struck six thirty
The remote ran towards me
It was time for my favorite show
Which had started a year ago

One day life asked me
What I was doing in this world
If not to love or to pass on strength
Then why, o son of Adam, you live?

My dreams were all shattered
And thoughts all scattered
My world went black
When you stabbed me in the back

Walking down my memory lane
Memories that clustered in a chain
I evoked an unfamiliar face
During the great marathon race

sania harris Biography

The poems out here were written when I was 12. These are the poems I wrote growing up. For the much better version of my poems, check out my facebook page- Sania Harris.)

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Today My Mother Died

Today my mother died
Silently without a sign
Never inkling about her sadness
Even though we filled her with madness
Never being a burden for us
Instead giving us all a bless

Today my mother died
The one to whom I always lied
Screaming at her for her calmness
Creating all kind of fuss
Not thinking about her loneliness
Putting her in deep distress

Today my mother died
Thinking about her past, I sighed
The times I went away
The times I never looked back
The pains she felt astray
The pains she felt setback

Today my mother died
I recalled her past and cried

(My mom is perfectly fine.. and is here with me. This poem just reflect on how I believe the feelings will be)

March 15th,2008

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john v 26 October 2008

at fourteen never seen so many poems written reading them my soul being bitten small stories of life 'u hav shown them in your simple poems

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Shah Abdur Rahman 10 April 2008

ur poems are...errr...cute! !

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