Pratheek Praveen Kumar in Calm Reflections

Mahabharatha - Poem by Pratheek Praveen Kumar in Calm Reflections

A story of the fight between a set of two brothers,
Who were born to different fathers,
A fight it was between evil and good,
Which was won by the good, as it should.

Yudhisthira was supposed to become ruler,
However, this in Duryodhana caused a furor,
So he tried to drive Yudhisthira off his own place,
That was seen by others to be very base.

He did so by playing a game of dice,
Which was not seen to be very nice,
Yudhisthira kept on losing-from money to rice,
Until he lost his own wife.

So the Pandavas were banished,
So while, they in villages languished,
Duryodhana lived a life of happiness,
Which he thought was much blest.

However, then the Pandavas came back,
Their moods were correspondingly black,
And they then fought a great war,
Which did Duryodhana's life utterly mar.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 5, 2012

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