Making Out At The Movies Poem by Harry J. Couchon Jr

Making Out At The Movies

The last row, or as close as we can get
As the lights go down, I put my arm around you
I reach over and turn your face my way
Our lips meet as the trailers begin

In the dark, couples making out
Eventually coming up for air
Feeding each other popcorn between kisses
A hand slipping underneath a blouse

Mostly teenagers, but a few older couples too
Making out at the movies knows no age
$10 for a movie, the most of which isn't seen
A small price to pay for a bit of heaven on earth

With the lights going down comes the urge to kiss
It must be an instinct we're born with
From the front of the theater to the last row
The sounds of kissing blends with the soundtrack

A rite of passage to young adulthood
Making out at the movies will always be
And even to adults, it's still a thrill
Sort of like a fountain of youth

So come on darling
Let's go to the movies
Pick a row way in back
And make out like a couple of teenagers
And then, go home
to finish what we started

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