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Three things that make my life complete
Are love, laughter, and you, my sweet
The laughter has lasted since day one
Loving you darling, has been so much fun

One of a kind this cheerful sound
A child's laughter wherever it's found
From the giggling of a baby in a playpen
To the laughter of a toddler again and again

Fathers and daughters share a special bond
That no amount of time will sever
It will last a lifetime and beyond
A daughter should be happy forever

Something in her smile speaks to me
And tells me all I need to know
What I hear fills me with glee
Her smile tells me she loves me so

No matter how many years pass by
Daddy's little girl you always will be
My daughter my angel the apple of my eye
You're the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me

My daughter said something the other day
We were sitting on the front steps, talking
Someone wanted to enter the building, she stood up and said 'we're just having a father daughter moment'

I'm falling, falling, falling in the most delightful way
Deeper and deeper in love with you every single day
A love so deep that it never ends
More than lovers, we're the closest of friends

I'm thinking of a girl I used to know
And how, during her life I loved her so
My daughter, daddy's little girl, my angel
Put on a pedestal, I couldn't catch her when she fell

My first love wasn't flesh and blood
She was wood metal and plastic
With curves that drove men wild
My Gibson SG the best guitar I ever owned

When I said 'I do' I meant forever
You took it upon yourself our marriage to sever
Treating the one who loved you with such distain
But guess what? I've fallen in love again

Of all life's pains, there's nothing worse
Than seeing one's child carried away in a hearse
All the time crying, asking God why
Why Dear God did she have to die?

Are dreams reality, or is reality a dream
Asleep, does our subconscious travel
To worlds and lives as solid as this one
Or is our reality someone else's 27316dream

Soft, sultry, mysterious, gorgeous
Thank You God for creating women
And giving us men a reason for living
Loving and being loved by these wonderful creatures

We've gone our separate ways you and I
Walked out of each others lives forever
Still some mornings I wake missing you
And I wonder do you ever miss me

Daughters God bless them
Little girls that grow to become women
But to a daddy they're always his little girls
Even after they make him a grandfather

Nothing can bring tears to a man's eyes
Like the ones that fall when his child dies
If only he could have prevented it
Life's not worth living, if only he could quit

From the day you were born I knew
That my reason for living was you
My baby girl, my source of pride
For you, and from you, my love I'll never hide

I thought I heard an angel cry
That you've been hurt is the reason why
I could never forgive myself for doing this
If you can forgive me, give me a kiss

All I can do is sit here and cry
Because, in a grave my daughter does lie
Now she'll be forever sixteen
Oh how life can be so mean

I'm not her first love, nor is she mine
A secondhand love can be truly divine
Knowing each other has been loved before
And you both are ready to be loved once more

Harry J. Couchon Jr Biography

I started writing poetry to win the heart of a woman from there I started writing about other things ie; heartache, fatherhood.I want my work to make women go 'oooh' and wonder 'why can't I find someone like him? I find my inspiration just about anywhere especially in the arms of a beautiful woman I attend open mike poetry readings as often as I can and have earned the nickname 'The Love Poet' at a number of venues in New York where I live. To me, poetry is the most neautiful way to express my feelings)

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Love, Laughter, And You

Three things that make my life complete
Are love, laughter, and you, my sweet
The laughter has lasted since day one
Loving you darling, has been so much fun

Whether it's giggles at the kitchen table
Or all out laughter wherever we're able
Each and every laugh, a symbol of our love
You're my everything, all I ever drempt of

Our love, now that's a bit more serious
Shining through when our laughter is delirious
Starting the day with love's tenderness
Saying goodnight with a sweet caress

Love, laughter, and of course you.
You bring into my life the other two
From the day we met, and for every single day
Love and laughter in our lives will stay

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Joe O Connell 08 March 2019

Harry if it's harry from creston I was told you were dead & I just told Cathy Russell about your poetry

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Angelo Huliganga 15 May 2014

Very well said the rhyming is so unique love it

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