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I started writing poetry to win the heart of a woman from there I started writing about other things ie; heartache, fatherhood.I want my work to make women go 'oooh' and wonder 'why can't I find someone like him? I find my inspiration just about anywhere especially in the arms of a beautiful woman I attend open mike poetry readings as often as I can and have earned the nickname 'The Love Poet' at a number of venues in New York where I live. To me, poetry is the most neautiful way to express my feelings

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Joe O Connell 08 March 2019

Harry if it's harry from creston I was told you were dead & I just told Cathy Russell about your poetry

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Angelo Huliganga 15 May 2014

Very well said the rhyming is so unique love it

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The Best Poem Of Harry J. Couchon Jr

A Child's Laughter

One of a kind this cheerful sound
A child's laughter wherever it's found
From the giggling of a baby in a playpen
To the laughter of a toddler again and again

A child's laughter can bring a smile
To one who hasn't done so in such a long while
I know because that one was me
Until my daughter's laugh set mine free

A child's laughter so gleeful and pure
An innocence adults miss for sure
Laughter that can bring back the past
And memories of a youth that flew by so fast

A child's laughter can bring out the best
Of most any man when he's depressed
Cause his spirit that's fallen to soar
Until at last he laughs once more

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Harry J. Couchon Jr Popularity

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