To My Ex-Wife Poem by Harry J. Couchon Jr

To My Ex-Wife

When I said 'I do' I meant forever
You took it upon yourself our marriage to sever
Treating the one who loved you with such distain
But guess what? I've fallen in love again

The woman I love is the opposite of you
And her love, unlike yours I know is true
That she would stray, I'll never fear
She'll be faithful to me unlike you my dear

As much as you hurt me I have to thank you
For giving me the freedom to find love anew
A love like none I've ever felt in my life
And now I'm asking this woman to be my wife

John Brown 05 November 2012

Very uplifting Harry. I'm glad you found a new love. My first wife ditched me, and I remarried, to a beautiful, loyal loving woman, so I can sympathise with you - or should that be empathise? I get mixed up with those two words.

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Bethany Buhl 31 May 2008

Well that's great that you found love again and had the strength to find it when your ex wife hurt you.

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DAZZLIN DNA 28 April 2008

this is a good one, i had my man do me wrong, but after it's all done, you realize how happy you are with your new love, I know i have found true happiness, good poem

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