Malice Kills All Poem by Ankoku Gekido

Malice Kills All

The Girl curled up around the fire in her fire place. She snuggled up in her blanket around her cup of hot Tea. Nothing but fire light was lighting up the girls peaceful face as she stared into the flames thinking of her life and it’s meaning, Thinking about what she has contributed to her friendships, and Thinking of all her friends and family's smiling faces. She smiles as she thinks of all this as she thinks of her Boyfriends soft lips and warm embrace, As she thinks of all the laughs she's had with her best friend Ana, As she remembers all her boxing matches and wrestle matches with her brother Jason, As she thinks of her real family who have been there for her, her whole life. She smiles and is at peace with life and is content. She’s so absorbed in her thoughts she doesn't notice the demon sneaking into her house, thirsting for blood. So as she sits unsuspecting thinking of all her happy times the blood thirsty demon sneaks up and rips that treasured life away from her. Rips the wonderful girl from her friends and family that has depended on her for so long, ripped her away from a life she just learned to appreciate. And steals her soul away to seal it up into the dark place that had a hold of her so long. Her smile deeply missed in the world, her missing presence making the world a bit dimmer. She was so loved and loved everyone, her smile could brighten anyone's day, her laugh could make anyone smile, her wisdom helped many, and her presence brought hope to a great many. Now her light is gone from this world. All because the malice in the hearts of the people in the world, cause of regret and a want for revenge that she did not create, all cause she was the light in so many peoples lives her light was stolen never to be seen again. What a shame all the missing lights in this world that simply tried to help and was stolen away so terribly by a malice they tried to prevent. What kind of a world is this if the lights of our lives are ripped away by the malice of our hearts that has developed over the years. This girl was murdered by the ones she most cares about their malice and regret and torment making her self-destruct the demon that killed her.........was herself.

Keiromi Nozomu 18 October 2007

wow... ...yeah...that's the only coherent though I have right now. that

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